Thursday, February 4, 2016

Great Read!: Time is Relative for a Knight of Time

I haven't exactly been doing a fantastic job of finishing my latest work in progress but I have been doing a great deal of reading and keeping my senses honed. Well, some reading and a lot of audiobooks. The latest one I read is by an author I wasn't familiar with beforehand, Brett Matthew Williams, and I was very impressed with his work. The book that I "read" was written for teens, but the writing was so rich, any adult should appreciate it. It was called "Time is Relative for a Knight of Time" and I really enjoyed it!

I LOVED the adventure in the book, but I also loved that Brett touched on some of society's weaker points (homelessness, treatment of slaves, poor parenting, etc.) - something that I think is really important, or at least is a great thing to do, in books for teenagers. It also included a great deal of history and trips through time that should spark the imagination and the thinking of any teenagers and heck, some adults, who take the time to read or listen to the book.

Spring break will be here before you know it and at about 14 hours this audiobook will make a great travel companion or even a great book to read while enjoying vacation. That's one of the great things about audiobooks. I was doing all types of stuff as I listened to this one - driving, cleaning, cooking, etc.! If you have an audiobook on a phone or some other sort of mp3 device you can download these books and keep it moving. Who doesn't like that?!

Anyway, check Brett out! I think you'll like it and I mean that for both adults and teenagers. It's always good for adults to have their imaginations heightened, anyway. Life keeps us stodgy enough as it is. A great, well-written teenage fantasy book is probably just the ticket to get the proverbial stick out of your bum and bring you back down to earth. If you sign up for an Audible trial, you can even check it out for free and that's even better! Let me know what you think!